1. corporate design. faurecia and ford. seating jit plant corporate identity.

  2. photography. haus im haus handelskammer hamburg. ulb lichtplanung und leuchtenentwicklung gmbh.

  3. corporate design and photography. large format posters. campaign. faurecia and ford.

  4. corporate architecture. lattoflex home. store & shop concept. a.römeth bda architekten project.


  5. photography. styling. alvari. photography sven berghäuser. styling and production robert basik. space: radialsystem V.


  6. corporate interior. l’arca café bar tsimiski avenue. scenariolab project g.zisopoulos r.basik.

  7. photography. internationales maritimes museum. hamburg. for ulb lichtplanung und leuchtenentwicklung gmbh.


  8. corporate design. I cold brew coffee. corporate identity and packaging.

  9. corporate architecture. aero club pythio mount olympus. agricultural tourism complex. implementation plan 2014-2016 scenariolab project. g.zisopoulos r.basik.


  10. concept architecture. communications center concept. hamburg. hong kong. marseille. diploma 2004. university of applied sciences and arts. interior design.